Hey Beauty! Welcome to Lashup. We're a bold little beauty salon located in Innaloo, Perth.


It's our belief that beauty doesn’t have one definition - it comes in any manner of forms - and at Lashup, we happen to think adding a bit of Rock 'n' Roll into the  mix at our salon is a thing of beauty!


We didn't always have a rockin', leopard-print laden salon in Innaloo. In fact, Lashup started out as a home salon in 2018 in the landing of Lashup Founder Stef's house.


Stef combined her love for helping people with her passion for lashin', and as they say, the rest is history.


Fast forward to today, and you'll find our full-service beauty salon proudly providing some of the country's best services for lashes, brows, tanning and teeth whitening.


When we say we're not your average beauty salon, we mean it...Leopard print, neon signs, Rock 'n' Roll influences - and most importantly, a team of passionate, talented, dedicated Lash & Beauty Techs looking after our wonderful family of loyal clients.


"Lashup’s mission is to be the welcoming, reliable, safe, creative space that everyone deserves in their life."

- Stef, Lashup Founder.


What brings us joy? It's pretty simple really: seeing our clients’ eyes light up when they look in the mirror and see their own transformation.


Over the years we have been privileged to be by our clients’ sides as we chat, laugh and cry through relationships, marriages, having kids, promotions, birthdays, weddings - and of course their countless glow-ups!

We think you'll love our little salon, and we can't wait to meet you.