Something's not right...

You’re working incredibly hard to launch or grow a successful business that you're proud of, but something is just not right…

The Beauty Industry is growing rapidly, but for some reason, you’re finding it harder and harder to keep up these days.

Babe, I have been there and to be frank…it f**king sucks!

What if you could have

Freedom to grow your business your way, with the right tools and proven solutions

Less stress, with the peace of mind you’re booked out in advance

Financial security in these sh*tty COVID times, from a steady income

Space and clarity to give focus to what’s important in your work and life

Confidence that you are in control of your beauty business!

Let me guess what you're thinking...

Achieving this is easier said than done and you...

...have tried everything, maybe even other beauty coaching courses and felt like just a number

...have been winging it so far and nothing “bad” has happened…yet

...feel ready to go to the next level and want (NEED) guidance on how to, from an actual salon owner with tried and true solutions

...are sick of feeling overwhelmed by the rapid pace of the beauty industry and all the ‘noise’ it creates, and need help sifting through it


You CAN have it your way

I’m not going to tell you you’ll have a 6 figure salary by the end of this course.

What you will have is something better; a clearer idea of how to tackle your challenges, the confidence to take on the rapid pace of the beauty industry, and the knowledge of how to sustainably scale your beauty business.


Unlock the full potential of your beauty business this year with the Black Label Beauty Coaching! 

Designed for busy AND aspiring beauty professionals, this course allows you to learn and grow on your own schedule.

With 3 months of access to online modules, emails, and one-on-one support from the founder of Lashup Perth salon, Stef Bowen, this course will empower, educate, and equip you to launch or grow your beauty business with confidence and clarity.

Throughout the course, you'll benefit from Stef's 5+ years of experience, learnings, and successes as a rapidly growing salon owner.


  • A one-on-one Discovery Call with Stef to establish your goals
  • 8 weeks of highly relevant learning modules tailored to your needs
  • 8x weekly coaching calls with Stef to discuss progress, share challenges and overcome them together
  • Exclusive access to online modules of real, tried and true Salon Owner Insights, including tools, processes, providers, experts, and more Stef has personally tried herself, that you can work through at your own pace 
  • Access to Black Label's exclusive Facebook group for 3 months, which includes access to new content and a network of like-minded individuals
  • 3-month access to Voxer, a real-time voice messaging app, for instant communication with your coach